EternaTile is the ultimate achievement in the evolution of roofing. Combining an extreme life cycle, a highly energy efficient foam core, state of the art solar cells, and a range of style options, the EternaTile roofing system is the only smart choice when beauty is as important as energy savings.

    The EternaTile roof system is the most advanced roofing system in the world. EternaTile was designed to withstand wind speeds of over 200-mph while being impervious to cracking or pealing from inclement weather or chipping from non-edged projectiles.

    Solar heat gains has never been a considered specification for previous sloped roof systems. EternaTile was designed to eliminate radiant heat from entering the attic area therby reducing BTU consumption between 8% and 49% depending on the roof's geographical location. Referance 13 US cities within this Simulated Energy Savings Report.

    EternaTile can be installed on any existing sloped roof with a 3 on 12 inch or steeper pitch without engineer approval due to its’ extremely light weight and EZ installation. This tile product is designed to have a lifetime warranty and the Eterna"G” replaceable solar module makes the entire product line a catalyst in the building sector.

    EternaTile has been appraised at 1.7 Billion dollars ending its 5th year of production. Read our Valuation by RSI & Associates Inc.

    Made in America, your EternaTile roof system pays you back in energy savings while promoting the economy and the environment on several obvious levels. The EternaTile experience will forever change the way architects, builders, developers, institutions, insurance companies and others value a roofing system as not just as a protector from the elements, but also an energy saver and a power source.

    EternaTile is currently patented in 41 countries and made in Dayton, Ohio. Additional manufacturing facilities are now being considered in Georgia and Utah. EternaTile was invented by a 2nd generation American who labored in the roofing and building industry for over 30-years all over the lower 48 states.

    The outer layer of EternaTile consists of 70-mil of a propriatory cement infused Geopolymere bonded to the foam for a lifetime finish. Intertek testing demonstrates that the exposed surface area of EternaTile seldom exceeds the surrounding outdoor temperature for certain lighter colors. It does not feel hot to the touch like every other types of roofing products due to its UV resistant top-layer. These features eliminate condensation between tiles and roofing substrate from ongoing day to night temperature variations. Without routine moisture build up under the tile, the substrate will stay dryer yielding a prolonged life expectancy up-to to 300%.

    EternaTile is a unique closed cell polyurethane foam roofing product. Extensive consideration was focused on the appearance of each tile group. Designed to provide the look of traditional flat or roll cement or clay tile with a chic twist, EternaTile enhances selection options by further offering the look of slate and cedar shakes. Each EternaTile has an average thickness of 2.5 inches of foam rated at R-14.

Q.      Is poly foam a good insulator?
A.      Poly based foams are the most insulating roofing systems available today. Texas A&M University has determined SPF roof systems have a payback period on average of 6-1/2 years from energy savings alone. These products are only available on flat roofs because of application limitations rendering an unsatisfactorily finish. EternaTile has addressed this problem by molding “tiles” out of poly foam, mineral fiber, and/or a fiberglass high insulating core material creating the only highly energy efficient roof tiles.

Q.      Is urethane foam fireproof?
A.      Urethane spray foams are listed under UL 790* (Class A over non-combustible decks) and UL 723* (Class B over combustible decks). However the flammability rating of available silicone coatings for existing spray foam systems do not apply to any roof pitch over 2” on 12”. EternaTile’s current configuration and manufacturing process was designed to solve this problem by utilizing a fire resistant, durable poly top coating material yet to be associated with traditional roofing systems, but proven in only the EternaTile Roofing System to provide a Class A fire rating over combustible decks.

Q.      Does EternaTile allow water penetration like other roofing tiles?
A.      Available tile roof systems need frequent maintenance and leak after a short service time. EternaTile is designed to solve this problem by overlapping the tiles in a manner that makes water penetration much more difficult if not altogether impossible increasing the life span of the underlayment by 300%.

Q.      Does EternaTile stand up to high winds?
A.      Available pitched roof systems cannot hold up against cat-5 hurricane winds and huge numbers of buildings are catastrophically damaged when they occur. EternaTile is designed to solve this problem by achieving over a 200 mph wind uplift rating without suffering any damage. This rating was the maximum measurable rating for the Wind Uplift Test and demonstrates that the invention can effectively protect the structure it is properly installed on.

Q.      Does EternaTile withstand hail or other projectiles?
A.      Hail storms damage most roof systems and the damage to the roof enables major water penetration into the building and massive damage to said building. EternaTile is designed to solve that problem because of its crack resilient top-layer and foam density. However if struck hard enough to puncture the top-layer, water penetration is not possible because of the characteristics of the tile’s core. All tiles can be easily repaired or replaced as needed weeks or even months later.

Q.      Will EternaTile out last traditional roofing tiles?
A.      Concrete and terra cotta roof tiles are subject to degradation due to the composition of the products and the effect of the elements thereafter causes the tiles to become brittle and they routinely fracture and break when basic maintenance is performed. EternaTile is designed to solve this problem by eliminating breakage due to its embodyment and unique design characteristics.

Q.      Is EternaTile expensive to install?
A.      Typical Tile roof systems are highly material and labor intensive. EternaTile is designed to solve these problems because it is lightweight, has a more simplified installation, and requires only poly foam adhesive and some hardware to install.

Q.      Does solar EternaTile offer a better common sense solution?
A.      Traditional solar panels penetrate roof systems thus requiring special flashings, create additional weight on structures, require separate installation, add no insulation, increase insurance coverage and create potential drafting and leak points in a roof surface. EternaTile is designed to solve these issues and more by incorporating mechanically fastened, embedded solar modules that are easy to replace thus reducing future renewable costs by approximately 75%.

    EternaTile has developed a new solar module for its roofing system that delivers the quickest rate of return on investment compared to any solar panel linked with a roofing system. EternaTile projects an installed cost per watt of about $3.00 in a new construction scenario. It’s perfect for the property owner who wants power off the grid combined with an energy efficient, super lightweight, thermal cap installed on the structure.

    The upgrade development effort, branded Eterna“G”, was invented to improve what is arguably the best roofing tile product in the world. EternaTile is the only tile roof system that offers a 3-in-1 product, energy saving polyurethane foam insulation, a roof protectant and a power supplier. Among many other benefits, this product line sets unprecedented standards for immediate and long term value, easy installation, structural weight capabilities, repair and replacement concerns, longevity, durability, curb appeal, insurance premiums, environmental impacts, inclement weather issues and more.

    The Eterna"G" solar option solves numerous problems for virtually every energy-consuming nation, especially countries with rapidly increasing housing and or energy production demands. Such as;

• Eliminates the need for power plants with micro grids
• Lowers grid demand
• Less power transmission requirements
• Feeds excess into grid
• Stable power
• Requires less per building via thermal barrier
• New level of hurricane and tornato protection
• Self sufficient homes
• Turns roof expense into revenue stream
• No additional insurance compared to panels
• Qualities for insurance mitigation programs
• Lowers building costs and time
• Qualities for federal, state and local incentives

    With the launch of EternaTile’s product lines, traditional roofing will be changed at a rate unseen since the introduction of 3-tab asphalt shingles some 80+ years ago, ushering in a new protocol where the neighborhoods of today will become the power plants of tomorrow!!