• Energy Efficiency
    EternaTile has lowest thermal transfer of any pitched roofing system on the market. Its core is comprised of 3-lb. or 4-lb. polyurethane closed cell foam with an average thickness of 2.5 inches, equivalent to R-14 or R-17 respectively. If all lower levels like kitchens and bathrooms that produce day-to-day moisture are properly ventilated through the walls or roof decking, then attic area arguably can be entirely sealed from the outside creating an additional climate controlled storage or living space! Each and every product line lends exclusivity since it pays for itself via energy savings in record time.
  • Longevity
    EternaTile offers the toughest, lightest, longest lasting roof system on the planet boasting a product line that’s second to none. Its top-side surface will not crack under rapid or drastic freeze-to-thaw circumstances or when impacted by "class-3" hail projectiles making it the logical choice for sloped roofs in uninsurable demographics. Due to the top-layer’s projected 50+ year lifespan, the solar module is subordinate to the roof itself lending a uniquely reverse situation by eliminating the need to remove the solar to re-roof the structure every 25-35 years. Simply have an authorized contractor install the system and receive a complete lifetime warrantee.
  • Maintenance
    Traditional tile, slate, and shake roofs are expensive, require regular maintenance and always undergo damage when traversed on. Mold resistant EternaTile requires light pressure washings to clean the solar module and rejuvenate its appearance. It will not collapse under foot never bearing those unsightly broken tiles and additional repairs from roof traffic or initial installation. Easily retrofitted on any sloped roof structure, EternaTile provides the absolute lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of any roof system to date.
  • Wind Uplift
    Engineered for high-risk tornado and coastal areas, EternaTile withstands over 250-mph sustained and gusting winds for ultimate roofing protection! Insurance companies also prefer features like the product's durable top coating that is impervious to most non-edged impacts saving them expensive replacements or repairs after severe hailstorms. Policy holders too are spared the loss of irreplaceable, sentimental property plus the inconveniences of restorations after hurricanes and other natural disasters. See TAS 106 load test.

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    Removable-Replaceable-Renewable Solar Modules

    Per Eterna"G" Solar Tile:  Watts=50 - Weight=9-lbs. - Coverage=5-sf.
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